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Shiperoo’s Urban


Shiperoo is expanding its operational footprint, with our state-of-the-art facilities expected to span over 60,000 square meters throughout Australia. This space is effectively doubled to an impressive 120,000 square meters of high-density operational area, thanks to our advanced, custom-designed automation systems. Our infrastructure is primed for efficiency, enabling us to offer swift fulfilment services and ensure rapid delivery, coupled with next level processes to manage returns for our customers.

Shiperoo is also soon set to expand its reach to QLD, WA and New Zealand. This bold move will stretch our footprint across the Tasman, establishing a formidable presence dedicated to elevating the standard for multichannel fulfilment and returns management.

At Shiperoo, our dreams are matched only by our execution. Positioned strategically within a 20-minute reach of the CBD, our elite urban hubs are masterclasses in logistical precision, designed for seamless access by an entire fleet of delivery vehicles—yes, even your Uber courier has a VIP route. Our commitment to high-tech retail fulfilment ensures that both our e-commerce partners and traditional storefronts deliver excellence at an unrivalled pace. The thrill of expedited service where we turn aspirational delivery times into your everyday reality is what dreams are made of.

Shiperoo Head office:

Taras Avenue,

Altona North