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Shiperoo is backed by the unwavering support of our advisory board members who are worthy of Australia's retail red carpet.

DC Supervisor

Dive into the heart of innovation with Shiperoo as our next DC Supervisor! Here, you'll orchestrate the daily symphony of logistics, driving a dedicated team towards excellence with the latest in automation tech.

Relationship Manager

Join us at the cutting edge of retail fulfilment and return management as our Relationship Manager! At Shiperoo, we're about people. As the linchpin between our high-tech services and our clients, you'll be the driving force behind lasting partnerships, pivotal to our mission and growth.

Client Manager

We're on the hunt for a Client Manager who's as sharp as they are savvy—someone who can ride the fast-moving wave of high-tech automated retail fulfilment and returns. At Shiperoo, you'll lead our client success team, fuelling growth by engaging with both seasoned clients and exciting new prospects

eCommerce fulfilment administrator

Embark on a career journey with Shiperoo as our esteemed e-Commerce Fulfilment Administrator, where precision meets passion. You’ll orchestrate the seamless delivery of online orders, ensuring every detail is handled with utmost care. Your leadership will shape a team adept in the art of fulfilment, with a keen eye on inventory management and operational excellence.

Returns Management Supervisor

Join us as a Returns Management Supervisor, where you'll leverage automation and our proprietary software to revolutionise returns. Your mission: to streamline processes, ensure customer satisfaction, and oversee a team committed to efficient solutions.