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Rethinking Returns: Smart Returns Management vs Simple Returns Processing

Team Shiperoo

28 Feb 2022

Let's talk about returns. They’re the bane of the e-commerce world, aren’t they? A returned item doesn’t just mean a product didn’t hit the mark; it signifies a need to dive back into the logistics pool, which can be a murky swim if not managed properly. There's a stark difference between merely processing returns and managing them from start to finish. And here’s where the story gets interesting.

Most third-party logistics providers (3PLs) will take your returned product, match it to the original order, and shuttle it back to you. Job done, right? But that's like treating a symptom without diagnosing the disease. To truly add value—to both the retailer and the customer—we've got to dig deeper.

Imagine a system that doesn’t just shuffle returns from point A to B but gives you a detailed story of why your customer sent it back, how fast it’s moving through the returns funnel, and what its future might be—back on the shelf, off to new adventures, or recycled into a new purpose. This isn't wishful thinking; it’s smart returns management, and it's built on some pretty nifty software that Shiperoo has built to perfection.

Shiperoo’s software is the control centre for returns. It doesn't just track packages in real-time; it harvests data that's worth its weight in gold, letting you spot trends, tweak your operations, and even predict future returns. And with this tech, volumes of returns don't look so scary anymore—they're just another data point in the quest for efficiency, allowing for swift resale at the point of inbound quality check itself.

But tech alone isn’t the hero of this tale. The human touch is crucial. It’s about looking at each return as an individual puzzle piece, figuring out its place in the bigger picture. This could mean deciding if a product can go back on sale, or if it's time to say goodbye and recycle. By taking this thoughtful approach, we squeeze every ounce of value out of what might have been lost.

Communication is the glue that holds this process together. Regular updates and detailed reports are not just courtesy; they're the bedrock of trust and transparency. Knowing where your product is in the return cycle is reassuring, yes, but the real cherry on top is understanding the why behind returns, which can fuel improvements in product and policy.

As Black Friday, Christmas, and Boxing Day rapidly approach, these processes and insights become even more crucial. The impending retail periods will test the resilience and adaptability of retailers and their return processes. Preparation now means a smoother transition through the busiest shopping—and returning—times of the year.

So, there we have it—a look behind the curtain of end-to-end returns management. It's about marrying the precision of technology with the discernment of experienced professionals. It's a shift from the old 'process and forget' model to a dynamic, insightful approach that turns returns into a strategic tool. It’s a pretty exciting time for anyone willing to rethink the returns game, don't you think?

And at the heart of this revolution is Shiperoo, born out of the realisation that returns don't have to be a dreaded afterthought. Our considerable investment in intellectual firepower and development has led to proprietary software that automates the nuts and bolts of returns management. It's this technological edge that gives our customers an all-encompassing returns experience, one that was once a far-off wish. With Shiperoo, the dream of hassle-free, comprehensive returns management isn't just a possibility—it's a palpable reality, especially as we brace for the surge of the holiday shopping season.